KNEC Inspection Services provides premier

electrical inspection services  

for Statewide and in Prince Georges County TPIP. We inspect a variety of residential and commercial projects. We can handle any situation, whether the inspection is for a small store or a huge government building.

Our professional service and paperless filing system make us the third-party inspection service that you can count on for both safety and success!

Expert Inspectors


Our inspections are backed by decades of experience with all types of buildings not only within Prince George's County, but also throughout the state. We understand that each inspection has different needs. Because our company has worked in nearly every setting imaginable, we have the experience to identify the unique needs of your project and act accordingly.

In addition to residential solar systems, we do many commercial projects (as shown in our Notable Projects page). We also do third-party Maryland State government inspections and work with transcontinental utility companies.

We bring the best practices and most thorough knowledge available to each job site we service and we strive to uphold the highest standards possible. We provide electrical inspections that ensure safety. When the electrical work is not up to standard, we’ll make sure to explain the issue to you so you don't have to worry about any liabilities.

Paperless Filling


With KNEC Inspection Services, you won’t have to increase your overhead spending time organizing paper forms. All our paperwork is done electronically so documentation is easy to send and easy to store. Paper copies are available upon request and are printed onsite for your convenience.

To get started making sure your facility is of the highest quality, contact KNEC Inspection Services for more information, view our online forms, or schedule an inspection. We look forward to hearing from you.