Thank you for scheduling your inspection!

PLEASE BE AWARE: All requests are next day if requested before noon. If the request is made in the afternoon, we will still make every attempt to fulfill the request for next day service. In some cases, we may need to move the inspection to the next available time on the following day. If requesting a specific time, please use the comments box to do so. All request for a specific time must be made 48 business hours in advanced and are subject to approval and could incur additional cost depending on the travel offset impact. We will contact you if there is a problem with the request or if there will be additional charges. In all cases, you will receive a scheduling event confirmation with an ESTIMATED time of arrival. We do our best to make the ESTIMATED time happen but are subject to delays or cancellations. We will notify you promptly by phone numbers provided on request if conflicts beyond our control arise.

To change or cancel an inspection please use our contact form and call us at 301-464-4211 for a verbal confirmation. Please include the name of the job, date and time of the scheduled inspection. All cancellation requests must be received by 6:30 am on the day of the request.

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